Basque Country

This region covers the North Basque country in France, such as the towns of Biarritz, Bayonne, Saint Jean de Luz and Espelette. 

It is a wonderful part of France dominated by its wild Atlantic coast. The views overlooking the Bay of Biscay are stunning – the rocky outcrops, rushing waves, wild flowers, hovering birds and thick, grassy dunes, all flogged by the salty winds. On a bright day, that piercing Basque sunlight and huge sky enhance the image and your feeling of freedom. 

I‘ve been fascinated by the Basque Country (Euskal Herria) and the Basques (Euskaldunak) for years, an indigenous ethnic group characterised by their unique language and traditions. But my fascination and love for it goes way beyond its obvious attributes of rugby, fine food and wine, verdant hillsides, breath taking flora, wild mountains, sumptuous coastlines and its cobalt or black sea, depending on the weather. France is blessed with those assets right across its land, as is Spain. No, what the Basque country has in abundance is mystery. And where there’s mystery, there’s excitement. Like Picasso’s Guernica painting or da Vinci’s The Last Supper, the riddles, secrets and questions keep drawing me back to look for answers. I travelled down to Bayonne, Biarritz and San Sebastian to find some.

Read about the players :

Serge Blanco
Pierre Dospital
Pascal Ondarts
Jean Condom
Patrice Lagisquet
Laurent Pardo
Laurent Rodriguez

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