Jean Patrick Lescarboura

The Debonair Daquois

"I used to love playing with Lolo Rodriguez. Believe me, it was far better he was on your side than the opposition. However, he had this habit of squeezing your hand very hard when he shook it. He had so much strength that you had to get down on your knees to beg him to stop! He was a force of nature who was naturally very strong. He hated doing weights so just didn’t bother."

I remember Jean Patrick so clearly as a teenager. He was tall, handsome and elegant, and had a massive boot, able to fire those light, rotund French Adidas balls miles into the distance. Rapha Ibanez told me how as young spectators, they used to whistle when he kicked it, like the ball was a bomb falling from the sky, and then have to go outside the ground in Dax to fetch them. I tracked Jeanno down and we met in a bar in Cap Breton on a very wet day in March 2018. He thanked me for selecting him in my squad and giving him his 29th cap for France!

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