Jean Baptiste Lafond

The Smooth Operator

"Before I was married, the fun was unrestrained. I remember my friend turned up in my bedroom while I was in the bath. It was the week of the Babas’ game in London. She just got in with me and stretched out, still wearing her mini skirt. She was lovely and it was magnificent."

What is it about the players from the RCP and their good looks? There must be a dominant gene running through the club, producing players of such beauty and class. Jean Baptiste was among that group, a player of sublime skill and audacity, scoring tries from his own 22 for fun. We met in Paris and had lunch in a small, noisy café in the 17th. He was on very good form, a very funny and independently minded man with a dead pan sense of humour, regaling me with stories about the past and never shy about expressing his thoughts on today’s game.

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