Eric Champ

The Godfather

"Damn, I wish I could speak English. When I am with the same blokes I played against, with the same values of friendship, team work, respect and solidarity, I get so frustrated that the language gets in the way. I want to chat and laugh and share stories. I think I suffered so much from Mick Skinner that I have never been able to learn English properly!"

I used to love watching Eric play. He was tall, lean, athletic and aggressive, his big chin and chest and snarling face pushed outwards in that Mediterranean way, telling everyone that he was the boss of the town. He was from Toulon and he would defend his patch to the last. Now a successful businessman, he couldn’t be more different from that image. Charming, articulate and smiling, we met in his bar, Chez le Brasseur near Toulon, where he is a shareholder, and he talked about the importance of winning, his former team mates, his biggest rivalries, the matches against England and his business interests. 

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