Brothers in Arms

My personal journey to meet the golden generation of French rugby
By David Beresford


This website is to publicise my beautiful book which I have written out of love for France and to help raise money for 4 charities. It is out now on just in time for the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan.

The book is about former great rugby players but a whole lot more. It is about life and its kaleidoscope of colours -nostalgia, dreams, laughter, love, fear, loss, pain, regret, hope.

Part chronicle, part dialogue and part travelogue, Brothers in Arms is a personalised account of my travels to track down the golden generation of French rugby players and discover their life adventure. I have gone straight to the 33 players themselves such as Jean-Pierre Rives, Serge Blanco, Eric Champ and Philippe Sella, as well as gather insights from former international players such as André Boniface, Raphael Ibanez, Sean Fitzpatrick, Michael Lynagh, Gavin Hastings, Brian Moore, Fergus Slattery, Ieuan Evans, Buck Shelford, John Kirwan and many more.

The book is bursting with stunning photography of the players today and the French landscape, produced by the sensationally talented Pierre Carton.

To find out more and read some extracts of what’s to come search the links to the right or the menu options. Feel free to shout, tweet, post, sing and tell everyone about the book and what it is for.

Best wishes,
David Beresford

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  • Serge Blanco

    “Playing against South Africa in 1980 was a big moment for me. I always wondered whether I was selected because I was good enough or because I was a man of colour. I thought that the only way to find…

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  • Pierre Dospital

    "David, I tell you, there was never any violent play in our local derby against Biarritz. Of course it was hard and uncompromising but I considered players like Pascal, Serge and Jean Condom as my brothers. And brothers can fight…

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  • Pascal Ondarts

    "I speak to my front row friends Philippe Dintrans and Jean-Pierre Garuet every day. We are like brothers. That friendship has developed over 40 years and is worth more than the price of gold." I arrived at the Loreak on…

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  • Laurent Rodriguez

    "All these stories about us taking drugs were absolute nonsense. In 1986 in Nantes, the ABs said we came out with evil in our eyes and so concluded we’d taken drugs. That wasn’t the drugs – that was a combination…

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